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Dragonborn powers. A blood-thirsty sorceress. A kingdom on the brink of destruction.

Eryane’s powers as a Voiced One grow stronger every day, but the consequences of breaking the Queen’s laws against magic are becoming deadlier than ever. She yearns to show her best friend Abbott who she really is, even though it could mean her death.

Princess Caryse has had one job her entire life: protect her brother and see him take his throne on his eighteenth birthday. But she’s growing increasingly suspicious of her stepmother, and worries if Queen Arabella will let her brother have his throne at all.

Jerra’s sudden dragonborn powers are worthless to her, a farm girl with no interest in saving the world. The infuriatingly charming Commander Everson wants her to hear out the Queen‘s plea. But when the evil she’s supposed to stop strikes too close to home, she’ll have to decide if these powers are worth dying for.

Each of these women will be tested by magic... but which of them will become the Voice of Darkness?

The anticipated first book in the Kingdom of Voices series comes out July 2021 - but you can get a sneak peek now! Get the first 3 chapters delivered straight to your inbox when you enter your email below!

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