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Amanda Houser

A.G. Houser is the author of the highly-anticipated Kingdom of Voices series. She writes epic fantasy romance, science fiction, and paranormal romance for readers who love getting lost in fictional worlds. She is married to her best friend, and they live in Oklahoma with their two fur children, a Cavalier King Charles named Abigail and a black cat (cough *evil villain* cough) named Nova. She has earned many awards and accolades that have absolutely nothing to do with books.

When not writing, she spends her time playing Animal Crossing for too long, watching Doctor Who, and over-analyzing movie plot holes. She believes in advocating for mental health, that it's okay if your seratonin is store bought, in telling the truth even if your voice shakes, and that pineapple is the best pizza topping. If you like her books, she recommends checking out Brandon Sanderson and Frank Beddor. She often gets lost in their worlds. 

For all the latest news on releases and to see frequent pictures of her adorable fur children, subscribe to A.G. Houser's email newsletter or hope over to her Instagram at @aghouserbooks !


Writer & Designer

Amanda writes fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction books for lovers of adventure, romance, intrigue, and sarcasm. She burns candles for too long and is enamored by the moon. Amanda also designs most of the content created for the website and social media accounts of A.G. Houser. She prefers to design from the comfort of her couch, under a knitted throw, with a puppy warming her feet and a glass of wine warming her tummy. There is zero chance she is not watching Netflix while designing.



Eye Candy





All executive decisions are processed through Abigail. If she says "No, you can't go out, you have to write, and also pet me," then Amanda does as requested.




Nova is the lead analyst in charge of creating and enacting the most frustrating ways to annoy Amanda. She is incredibly successful at her job. She craves affection, but refuses to accept it when it is offered. Nova also moonlights as an off-key cabaret singer outside Amanda's bedroom door at 5 in the morning.

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